The Stranniki (Russian for Runaways or Wanderers) are the strong Pomorsky Old Believers who rejected prayers for Tsar Peter and all government papers (identification, passports, money, etc). They would not wear clothing contrary to Old Orthodox Russia, nor eat with those of contrary Faith and Practice. Keeping themselves separate from the antichrist society they went far into the Siberian wilderness. This blog is about these people and my effort to conform my life to theirs.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Is There Any Safe Water?

Federal data says 20% of water treatment systems violate the Safe Drinking Water Act. About 5% of violators were punished and the violations are in every state. More than 25% of violators are never even contacted by regulators. The responsible party, the EPA, does little to enforce regulations. About 20 million people a year become ill from contaminated water. Radioactive drinking water has been 2,000% higher than the limit. Even with Federal assistance many drinking water systems did not comply. Even when water is within legal limits there is still risk of cancer and perhaps other problems. No improvement can be seen for the near future.

All the poisonous and toxic methods used today to handle and “purify” water are truly barbaric. All the man engineered processes that deliver water use products of toxic petroleum, like man-made electricity. All of these are known to cause cancer and unthinkable harm, like birth defects, etc. The chlorine and other hazardous materials which are put into city water to make it “drinkable” and are likewise a contamination. All the water is polluted these days simply by being exposed to the poisoned air. There is nowhere we can go to get away from the acid rain. It is really a catch 22 if we think that we can find pure water any more. With all the constant defilement everywhere in the world safe water may not be plausible. If we are willing to suffer, we should do the best we can.

Even if you want to use the wicked machines of men to filter or distill the water it still is not pure, even with double distilled water. Every type of treated water I have tasted does not taste right. There are old Christian rules against using distilled products.

Then we have to think about what we store water in. Cans and plastic are out of the question as they are made by industrial enterprise. Only the Lord knows what is involved with all that wickedness. We could keep things in something like approved wine skins, or non-toxic pottery (though most of the glazes used on pottery today are toxic). There are a great number of things which are problematical, it is up to each one of us to be on guard against it all. This blog is not able to cover entirely all the antichrist issues pertaining to this topic (or any topic for that matter). I just want to offer some general considerations. Basically, anything that has association with modern man is unacceptable. The best thing to hold water would be a wooden bucket (with a cover), if you can make it from birch. They can be made by hand. Other woods that are not poisonous are usable as well. Of course some people are unaffected by poisons. Distilled liquids should be avoided at all costs as they are forbidden.

The best water might be glacier water, so living up in the mountains along a stream that is fed by a glacier just might be the ideal place. There are some glaciers here in California. Try not bring anything worldly with you, if you go. The outside world will try to encroach on us, but that is not our fault. God only expects from us what we can do. If we go above the 2,000 foot level the smog concentration, which is so heavy and settles in lower areas, will have less of an affect. Smog does go around the world though.

I was told as a child that a roaring river or stream (what might be called ‘living water’) purifies itself every 300 feet. So it is possible to drink right out of such a source. I have done so before. A waterfall also creates a purifying effect in the water. An added benefit to waterfalls is that they often create a cave behind them, it is an excellent hiding place and the air is cleaned by it as well. If a person is thirsty it is possible to relieve the thirst by simply submersing ourselves in water. The water can be absorbed through the skin and before too long the mouth no longer will be dry. This might offer some filtration, though not from all toxins. Soaking in water might be an alternative to going through the gastro-intestinal upset of drinking bad water.

Starting on page 152 of the book, “in the shadow of Antichrist” is an interesting account of the Old Believer position on water. These are some of the particulars. All the water in the world is blessed on Epiphany (or Theophany), the day Christ was baptized and began His ministry. In the morning water that is taken from a river becomes great (velikaya) holy water (sviatynia) when it is mixed with the small (malaya) waters already taken in the evening. Part of the smaller holy water is kept for cleansing external objects, while the greater holy water is kept for cleansing us internally at times like the beginning and end of the great fast, or in times of serious illness. Water previously sanctified by clergy in ages past might be added, connecting it with the more powerful type of long ago.

I have heard of some Old Believers, who live near lakes. They paddle out to the center of the lake to draw the water from that cleaner point. Most Old Believers prefer to live along rivers. God sends two angels every morning to rivers where Christians are to rid the water of any poison. Only river water can be brought directly into the home or worship without the need for spiritual and ritual cleansing.

The water from wells and springs is in slightly lower position than water from rivers. They are understood as being from underground rivers. Even though they are not entirely stagnant they must be prayed over and incensed before being used for people. That kind is not for use in ritual.

Stagnant water in lakes, ponds, etc. are impure. Water that does not move keeps dirty things to itself. This kind of water is the favorite squatters place of demons (biesy) and their stench emanates from such places. This water is one of the ways demons try to gain entrance to a person. Demon possession is a poisoning, a kind of mental illness. We can fast and pray to rid them, but not everyone is willing.

Animals can use pond water, but not the people of God. People can wash animals with it, but sacred objects like icons cannot be nearby or they will need to be specially cleansed. Blood is the most unclean liquid, but blood which is bled from the right side of a clean animal may be used to treat anemia. All other types of blood is a contaminate.

Animal meat today is improperly bled which is a contaminate and great sin if eaten, it contains the soul of animals. Consuming blood brings a Christian down to the position of an animal, a pagan. River water is an example of purity and raises a person towards heaven, it is both a natural and ritual purity.

I would say that thinking too much about survival is an animal instinct, we are not animals. We should be mindful of the Gospel which teaches that if we give our live away we will find it. I presently bide my time as long as possible. Perhaps there is someplace to hide and escape to. Give me a forest with a stream or river, and maybe an axe. I can take care of the rest. Remember, rivers are protected by angels. We must first gain Faith and Practice though. Proverbs 21:31 - Safety is of the LORD. If we eat the right kinds of food we do not need to drink any water. Christians are noted for eating poison and not being affected, this can also be mimicked by anti-Christians.

This link is to a video on my YouTube channel about The Last Christians are the Old Believers.