The Stranniki (Russian for Runaways or Wanderers) are the strong Pomorsky Old Believers who rejected prayers for Tsar Peter and all government papers (identification, passports, money, etc). They would not wear clothing contrary to Old Orthodox Russia, nor eat with those of contrary Faith and Practice. Keeping themselves separate from the antichrist society they went far into the Siberian wilderness. This blog is about these people and my effort to conform my life to theirs.

Monday, September 28, 2009

25% of the World Lives Without Electricity

For world leaders it is a real problem that 1.6 billion people worldwide now live without electricity. I saw it as good news that so many people do not use electricity. They say up to 3 billion people (almost half the worlds population) use electricity in a primitive way that is very damaging to health.

In actuality all electronics are harmful in many various ways. Let’s all work to reverse the trend before it is too late. Make it so nobody uses man-made electricity, and therefore nobody will be hurt by such things. Even though world leaders do not know what is good for them, we should be bold enough to stand up against them and say it straight for once. Do not let them electrify everyone.

Here is a link to a report that quotes Steven Chu, a Nobel laureate physicist based at the University of California, Berkeley, saying, “It’s sad that 1.6 billion people live without electricity and 2-3 billion use energy in a primitive way very damaging to health.”