The Stranniki (Russian for Runaways or Wanderers) are the strong Pomorsky Old Believers who rejected prayers for Tsar Peter and all government papers (identification, passports, money, etc). They would not wear clothing contrary to Old Orthodox Russia, nor eat with those of contrary Faith and Practice. Keeping themselves separate from the antichrist society they went far into the Siberian wilderness. This blog is about these people and my effort to conform my life to theirs.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Identification Declaration

Greetings and good health towards everyone.

My last secular job was in 2005, since then I have taken many steps to distance myself from this temporary society. It is amazing I can still manage to make this posting here. I gladly destroyed my government identifications, like drivers licenses, social security card, birth certificate. I have not talked on a phone for many years, nor sent or received snail mail, parcel post, or other such items. I quit banks and get no check, no cards. I live by faith. 

But the local constabulary frequently harass and detained me, there are these hyper-militant homeless task forces nowadays. Nowhere is safe from them. I get lectures on how society demands that people have identification insisting, at the very least, that I get something printed at a print shop. Lord have mercy, the world is swiftly approaching its end. I do not think that the following single page paper is what they want, but it is a sensible effort to answer their questions of me. I fold it up to the size of an ID card, so the title shows, then put it in a little wallet with nothing else. So the following PDF file is what they shall find in any ongoing interrogation. 

This is a pretty liberating idea for anyone, if we think about it.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


From Russian TV we have a series of 20 dramatic historical shows from the year 2011. This is really an epic presentation of the Raskol (Раскол) or in English “Rift” which has a total runtime of 960 minutes. It is about the reformer Nikon and Czar Aleksij Michailovich, his son Fyodor, the Morozov brothers, and the ardent opponents led by Protopope Habakkuk with many others including Boyarina Feodosia Morozova. Even though it has no subtitles and is not in English, English speakers can glean a lot by viewing, if they are careful. Those who are interested in this topic will find it the best film production about the Rift, many of the details are very realistic. However, some scenes are not historically accurate and should be removed. Still, the videos do capture a weighty and little-known period of Russian history, the split of Russian Orthodox Church in the XVII century, specifically covering the period from 1644 thru 1684. It was filmed in the great Russian medieval town of Rostov. Here is a link to the videos.

Below is a painting showing the
burning of Protopope Habakkuk.

Monday, November 1, 2010

DON'T Vote

Christ taught that we must all repent. And He spoke of a Kingdom, He did not speak of a democracy, where the majority rules, right or wrong. Nor did  He speak of a republic with an elected leader at its head with elected leaders voting to govern all. We should have a King! He is Christ, the King of Glory. He said, If you love Me, you will do My commandments. Let us keep all of this in mind, if the laws of God mean nothing to the powerful men of this passing world, or to the masses, this should not deter us in the least from fearing to disobey even one of the Savior's commandments. Christians are to be not of this world.

From the standpoint of God there are far more important things to do than vote,  but from a modern political position there are only less important things to do. To me the whole support of voting is something that is wrong if we want to be faithful.

If we vote in our current government elections that is proof-certain that we do not trust in God, for if we trusted God we would take Him at His Word and leave it at that. Everything, and I mean everything necessary for life and godliness has long ago been established by the authority of the Almighty. Any contrary opinion is the giver of all sufferings. How can we be so fool hardy as to think we can decide such things on ballots?

To participate in an election where ungodliness can result makes us part of that ungodly game. We ought not allow ourselves to be a part of such voting, either way. Just take the right position to start with. Do not believe the myth that we have no voice unless we vote, nothing could be further from the truth. Voting is not our only voice. We are able to take a stand wherever we find ourselves, by not participating in voting makes a loud stand for what is right all by itself. For those who vote today all their prayers, whether to bless their meals or anything else, are corrupted and do no good.

Voting only exploits the voters who participate. Every voted upon measure, or statute, or proposition, etc., etc., is part of each voters death. Cooperation with the political process, like voting, only gives more support to the evil Industrial/Military/Media Complex.

Everyone in politics are actually puppets of the hidden antichrist rulers of this world, like the bankers and others like them. A conspiracy is anything that goes against the will of God, something that the Devil and mankind are excelling at lately. Democratic voting is without a doubt an absolute conspiracy. Voting is nothing but a bunch of brainwashing at best.

In our modern political voting process all the options kill and harm people, every choice is wrong. A godly person cannot in good conscience vote. I do not vote because there is nothing  that I am able to vote for. I also do not want the world to number me one way or the other, it is like a no win situation. Also, I think voting is rigged, I believe that the counts are not honest. In my lifetime there have been many elections that have gone through recounts, this leaves us with only a very large distrust of the whole system. Since I am not forced to vote it is something I must avoid, even if forced there are somethings worth dying for. The sea of voting only brings confusion, confirming that this world is nearing its end.

Voting is a violation of love towards God, so those who refuse to repent of such deeds will have eternal regret at the soon approaching dreadful judgment. My goal is to conform and fashion my conscience according to the mind of Christ, the Apostles, the Martyrs, and all the people of God. So I have not participated in voting for over ten years. If there is no good to choose from I simply choose to humbly abstain from choosing any evil, so that when I stand in front of the dreaded judgment seat of Christ, I will not be put to shame.

Just because something on the ballot closely represents christian thinking that is not good enough, especially when there is such great danger of compromise. I do not see the good in voting. Men may plot and intrigue to position their choices, or we may be deluded into thinking we are putting such and such in power by voting, but, ultimately, nothing is done without God allowing it to be. God gives nations the kind of leaders its people deserve. Even the Soviet government was given a kind of power by God to do what those godless people did, but in no way was it godly. Neither should have anyone accepted or gone along with that atheistic government. Even though our government has "In God We Trust" placed on our money do not think our nation is any better. How can we trust any of the underhanded politicians?

Genuine wholehearted repentance and fasting and mourning are the answers for persons and nations. We should teach our children and everyone about the facts of these things.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fasting Our Way Back Paradise

Because we did not fast, 
we were chased out of Paradise; 
let us fast now, 
so that some day we return there. 

St. Basil the Great

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obadiah 4

Those people who believe they can jet here, or jet there, or otherwise fly around in any aircraft/spacecraft, these people all have another thing coming to them. For the Holy Prophet Obadiah at line 4 declares the testimony of God saying that He will bring all such people down.

"Though you ascend as high as the eagle, And though you set your nest among the stars, From there I will bring you down," says the LORD.

Anytime I see an aircraft or spacecraft my shout of reminder is

"Obadiah 4." 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Keys Of Heaven

What has become lost is unreachable to most, the reason is union with this world.

The world does not know how to carry on without itself, so it is stuck in the rut.

Inevitably greater losses will occur, as the only real hope becomes more obscure.

It is all unquestionably suicidal, though most ignore the realities.

Honestly, we only hurt ourselves by avoiding the sufferings of common hardships.

Everywhere there are false notions of goodness, while truth is called a liar.

Solutions are totally missed because the inferior is embraced and accepted.

We should use the key to life of becoming separate, leaving the corpses alone.

In this way we can use other healing keys to solve problems outside paradise.

What we will find is the required peace, being helpful rather than harmful.

Evil is unable to bother those who have such mighty strength.

The real miraculous gifts are still available if we want the one thing needful.

Let us not forsake what is so easily accessible, even though it seems difficult.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dangerous Apparel

There are many ways in which apparel is unduly dangerous. Right away people might grasp a little bit about what is called being ecologically friendly, but we certainly should not stop there. Beware, even organic cotton can use dangerous pesticides and fertilizers. An exorbitantly large percentage of pesticides are used on cotton, even though cotton is a relatively small crop to start with. Just because something is made from what might seem a natural source, like hemp, there are still many ways in which unnatural products enter the appalling manufacturing processes.

Avoid anything with "poly" such as polyester, these automatically come from some industrialization. The word "poly" means made of more than one item, and this idea goes contrary to the way of clothing prescribed by God for His people. If you ask me, any clothing that is considered recycled, in the modern sense of the idea, uses antichrist ways. We most likely do not even know where such materials come from. Nobody should trust anything synthetic, the concept is all wrong to start with. Unfortunately these type of things have wrongly become associated with the idea of sustainability. It is a very confused notion to say the least. All synthetic clothing is coated with formaldehyde which constantly give off plastic vapors against the skin, causing many health problems. It is most harmful to young ones.

Machined items are problematical because they present industrial contaminants in the manufacturing process. At present I do not have the space to weave my own cloth, so I am working on wearing rags such as rough sackcloth . In this way I do not appear to have clothing that is so machined. The situation we are facing around the world is so dismal that I feel like putting ashes all over as well. Speaking for myself, I am happy to make a good point by all this. It makes me glad that no longer am I conforming as much to the ways and practices of this world. Hopefully others will get the hint as well. It may all seem like too much to do, but any long journey begins with the first step. For many people this might be too  hard, but one step at a time and it is possible to overcome all wicked ways. Making things by hand is the way to go if you ask me, and it is a good way to pass the time given to each of us.

Toxic chemicals are everywhere, we should avoid them as much as we can. Especially ones that might come in contact with our skin, like carpeting and even bed sheets, or whatever covering that comes into contact with us. I do not even sleep on a mattress any more, boards or even a large rock is more than acceptable. Many things can be, and often are, deadly poisonous. Cosmetics, which are against the Christian rules anyway, contain terrible chemicals which can enter the blood. Petroleum based fragrances and perfumes are more than a little problematical as well.

 An ancient painting of
the Mother of God
making thread by hand
with a drop spindle.

Modern fashion has become something  way beyond any reason. It always seems to attempt the revealing of sensuality, or at the very least offer clothing that is immodest and contrary to godly principles. The textile industry uses things in their production processes which cause genetic mutations, cancer, abnormal hormone levels, etc. etc. It is a very dirty business that impacts both person and planet.

Many people take it for granted that babies should be soothed with petroleum jelly and mineral oil, washed and shampooed with chemical-based cleansers, fed from plastic bottles and canned foods, swaddled in disposable diapers, surrounded by harmfully scented products and put to sleep in pajamas treated with fire-retardant chemicals. But all these are well known to be very deadly.

If we are just starting to learn what is happening here are some of the more important things to avoid in clothing. Teflon trousers (like the non-iron type), the formaldehyde that is used to prevent shrinkage, petrochemical dyes used for color, chemical clothing softeners, dioxin-producing bleaches as they have volatile organic compounds, Nylon products because they create nitrous oxide, Rayon due to it being made with caustic soda and sulfuric acid, dye fixatives also known as color fast products since they come from heavy metals, Acrylic fabrics are polycrylonitriles and can cause cancer, also Acetate and Triacetate are bad news and are in no way to be considered clothing. Do not use conventional dryer sheets, I do not even us a machine dryer, clothes are much better having been dried in the open air after washing. Dry cleaning often uses harmful perchloroethylene.

Cheap clothing might be more costly than we know. Become aware of what is going on these days, it could save your life and those around you. We need to know these things unless we want to be absorbed by all the pollution around. It may seem impractical to throw out our entire wardrobe, but we should at least begin to have a more godly appearance and avoid deadly chemicals that are being thrown at us.